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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Hiroe Takeda's Fab Academy page.

1. About me

My name is Hiroe Takeda. Now, I'm a member of Fablab West-harima in Hyogo, Japan. my photo

2. My background

  • I was born and live in Hyogo, Japan.
  • I graduated from Junior College of Home Economics.
  • I had lived in NZ for 1 year, late 20 years old. (Working holiday)
  • In recent years, I worked for many years in the export of after parts of construction equipment, using the most of my English.
  • being as a member, and volunteer assistant in machine manufacturing and in charge of import/export in Fab Lab West-Harima, from July 2019.

3. My motivations to apply for Fab Academy

After about 4 years of participating in activities at Fab Lab West-harima organized by my husband and assisting product design companies, I wanted to join FabAcademy to further my knowledge. I think I have no problem in communicating in English, but my understanding of technical terms is poor. Since August 2022, I have been self-studying by referring to FabAcademy2022 videos and assignment of past students (Especially board making and making site of my big week point). I will do my best to graduate successfully in July 2023.

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4. My skill

  • No skill until 2019 July
  • After 2019, I learned below skill for digital fabrication little by little. FYI, I did as following.
What I did machine & tool
Laser cutting CO2 laser by Smart DIY creator
OTTO DIY soldering, assembling, programming with otto blockly & Arduino IDE
3D Printer Anycubic, VORON, BLV
CNC cutting Original CNC which fabLab West-harima made

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The Bootcamp (Self-learning, before fabacademy)
I thought I didn't have enough skill for this fabacademy, so, I decided a boot camp by myself. (Especially board making and making site, about my big week point) Below is the advice from my husband. So spartan isn't it?

Advice from my Spartan husband
- Learn by watching past FabAcademy videos and students' websites by yourself.
- Do not say "I don't know" or "It doesn't work" without researching.
- Do not say "I can't do it" without even trying.
  -> It is also a good idea to drop the level a little and then try to learn.
- If there is something you don't know or have trouble with, look it up on a website, video, course, or by yourself.
- When things don't go well, make some hypotheses, investigate them, and try to deal with them by yourself.
- Theoretically explain and seek advice on something you just can't figure out.
 -> Explain what you have researched, your hypothesis, your response, and the details of the error in a theoretical manner.

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5. My Lab

My Lab is Fab Lab West-harima in Japan.

Fab Lab West-Harima is located in one of the classrooms of an closed school.
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  • has been open since 2017 March.
  • one of Fab Labs in Japan. (located in Hyogo, next to Osaka)
  • Address: 580 Fureai-Nagatani East Building, Kuchinagatani, Sayo-cho, Sayo-Gun, Hyogo, Japan 679-5343

Machine in my Lab

Since there is no money in West-Harima, West-harima is made many machines, by the founder and friends. I am working as his assistant.

CNC machining (Version 1-3):
Completely original machine, was produced from planning, designing, manufacturing to installation, with the founder and his friends

CNC machining (Version 1)
The link to the Making

CNC machining (Version 5 - The base of 100mm square steel frame version):
Built at the end of February 2023.

CNC Laser cutting:
Completely original machine, was produced from planning, designing, manufacturing to installation, by the founder CNC

Open source 3D printers (BLV mgn Cube / VORON 2 / VORON Trident)
Assembled by the founder. BLV mgn Cube VORON 2  VORON Trident

6. My Node

  • Fab Lab Kitakagaya
  • has been open since 2013.
  • one of older Fab Labs in Japan (located in Osaka)
  • Address: 5-4-12 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan 559-0011
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