How to CARDBOARD (Almost) Anything!

Welcome to Bartholomew Ting's Fab Academy site!

Cardboard is always under-appreciated! I want to show you how to make your ideas materialized physically within minutes.

This is the story of me becoming a better MAKER over 18 weeks (and beyond). We are a community of learners, makers, and designers who are passionate about exploring the possibilities of digital fabrication. Through this program, we have gained knowledge and skills in various areas such as 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, programming, electronics design and production.

Highlight of the week!

Whale PCB board

Weekly assignments

  1. week 1. Project management
  2. week 2. Computer Aided design
  3. week 3. Computer controlled cutting
  4. week 4. Embedded programming
  5. week 5. 3D Scanning and printing
  6. week 6. Electronics design
  7. week 7. Computer controlled machining
  8. week 8. Electronics production
  9. week 9. Output devices
  10. week 10. Mechanical design & machine design
  11. week 11. Input devices
  12. week 12. Molding and casting
  13. week 13. Networking and communications
  14. week 14. Interface and application programming
  15. week 15. Wildcard week
  16. week 16. Applications and implications
  17. week 17. Invention, intellectual property and income
  18. week 18. Project development