Week 35: Singapore Polytechnic holds first-ever "Everybody Matters" event to raise students’ understanding of people with special needs

Student of event management (ABE) Irfan Hakim (with team Declan, Reagan, Jenson) sharing thought after spending roughly a week in our lab to fabricate some of the necessity for the event. (The video is less than a minute long)

The event is supported by Student Services Department and supervised by Mr. Ong Kung Yew. Read it in details on the (chinese) 8world news. Photo credit: Cai Yiling.

8world News

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) refreshment course

On 4 October, with the help of a colleague (HR), I continued to practice on the CNC machine which we picked up on Week 7: Computer Controlled Machining. We used a free chair template googled online from One-day-chair.

Also within this week, I decide to pitch the idea to get the students from our Fablab class to build their projects for Istana CNY Garden Party in February 2024. So far, I have got positive feedback. With proper planning, the CNY Garden Party project will be another milestone for SP Fablab.

Our participation for the "LKY100: Greening of Singapore" event at Mayflower Market on 29 October. Meeting with the MP Henry Kwek and Dr. Robert Liew went well on 7 October (Saturday). The committee has been very encouraging.

CNC refreshment course with HawRen CNY Garden party 2024