Week 35: Every Matters Event by ABE students with specialist Mr. Ong Kung Yew

Student of event management (ABE) Irfan Hakim (with team Declan, Reagan, Jenson) sharing thought after the setup. (less than a minute)

The event is supported by Student Services Department.

Computer Controlled Machining: CNC Refreshment course

On 4 October, with the help of a colleague, I continue to practice on the CNC machine which we picked up on Week 7: Computer Controlled Machining. We used a free chair template from

Also within this week, I decide to pitch the idea to get the students from our Fablab class to build their projects for Istana CNY Garden Party in February 2024. So far, I have got positive feedback. With proper planning, the CNY Garden Party project will be another milestone for SP Fablab.

Our participation for the "LKY100: Greening of Singapore" event at Mayflower Market on 29 October. Meeting with the MP Henry Kwek and Dr. Robert Liew went well on 7 October (Saturday). The committee has been very encouraging.

CNC refreshment course with HawRen CNY Garden party 2024