About Bartholomew Ting

When reflecting on my time at the National University of Singapore Business School, one particular experience stands out as a cherished memory—an involvement in a co-curricular activity centered around constructing an awe-inspiring artwork from recycled materials. Little did I realize that this immersive endeavor would serve as the catalyst for igniting a profound creative passion within me, which would later manifest in the form of designing innovative corporate exhibitions.

It is with great enthusiasm that I embrace the opportunity to join the esteemed Singapore Polytechnic Fablab in early 2023. This venture fills me with excitement as it enables me to continue pushing the boundaries of my craft, while also imparting inspiration to the emerging generation of imaginative thinkers.

TL:DR I collect recycled cardboard and sell them.

My Works

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to embark on a remarkable journey, conducting workshops for diverse audiences in numerous countries across the globe. From dynamic urban centers like New York and the Bay Area in the United States to bustling metropolises in China such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, and even venturing as far as Dubai in the Middle East, I was privileged to share my creativity and expertise with enthusiastic participants from both the public and schools. This immersive experience allowed me to witness firsthand the universal appeal of fostering creativity and knowledge exchange in captivating destinations worldwide.

More visuals here: https://for.edu.sg/spfablab

Photo of Workshops
Photo of Cardboard Bears
Photo of Cardboard city
Photo of Cardboard bear at Bowen secondary School
Photo of Mini Cardboard bears

Millnenia Walk Creative Neighbourhood

Currently, my attention is directed towards local initiatives, particularly the Millenia Walk Creative Neighbourhood project in Singapore. This esteemed shopping district has afforded me the privilege of collaborating with talented local creatives, fostering community engagement, and making a meaningful impact. As part of this endeavor, we embarked on a unique undertaking centered around an unconventional Christmas Tree (made out of recycled wood for the festive season of 2022). In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit (2023), we meticulously crafted eight sets of cardboard rabbits. These endeavors have not only allowed me to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the locale but also to engage with the community in a profound and purposeful manner.

Photo of Millenia Walk Creative Neighbourhood

Blokies Building Block

Through my involvement in these projects, I have come to realize that not all participants find it effortless to craft something both impactful and structurally sound within a constrained time frame. In order to enhance accessibility and foster an enjoyable experience, I developed Cardboard Blokies, an innovative tool that eliminates the necessity for excessive adhesives and scissors. With the utilization of these Blokies, individuals of all backgrounds can effortlessly construct impressive, larger-than-life cardboard sculptures in a matter of minutes, and even have the opportunity to interact with them firsthand by riding on them.

More visuals here: https://for.edu.sg/blokies

Photo of Cardboard Blokies

Maker Faires (New York and Bay Area)

My unwavering passion for creativity and innovation has garnered recognition on a global level. After a fortuitous encounter with Mr. Dales Dougherty at the Maker Faire Singapore in 2015, I was honored to receive an invitation to attend the esteemed World Maker Faire in New York (same year). Since then, I have actively participated in numerous Maker Faires, each showcasing my commitment to pushing the boundaries of imagination. Notably, in 2019, my team and I achieved a remarkable feat by constructing the tallest cardboard T-Rex ever seen in the event's history at the Bay Area Maker Faire. (And also in Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019, Maker Faire Dubai 2019, Maker Faire Taipei 2018, Mega Maker Day Kaohsiung 2019, and Taiwan Design Expo: Super South Festival PingTung 2019)

Photo of Maker Faire Participation

We built the following 5m cardboard dome in FAB23 Bhutan, read about it here.