Carnival held under Simei MRT viaduct injected fresh vitality into the community

18 May 2024 (Saturday)

The East Coast GRC held a carnival under the Simei MRT viaduct, a space that is not fully utilized. While promoting a green and sustainable lifestyle, it also injected fresh vitality into the community.

Changi-Simei residents took advantage of the one-day event to promote active ageing and sustainable lifestyles. Some schools, social enterprises and local farms also set up stalls here. This is one of a series of community events held by the East Coast GRC to make underutilized spaces more lively and vibrant.

Fablab took the opportunity to work with SUTD students Janessa and Tzai-Yun (both previously graduated from SP) through SUTD Professor Keng Hua to use generative A.I. to create the 2m Dragon Sculpture.

Generative AI to 3D model Guest of Honour