Week 49: GovTech Wellness Pod at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) and Bedok HeartBeat

This 60-second contactless wellness measurement station offers a quick, efficient health check-up without any physical contact. It measures vital health metrics including blood pressure, an indicator of heart health; breathing rate, reflecting respiratory health and fitness; and heart rate, key to assessing cardiovascular health. Additionally, it calculates your Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk score, using factors like age, gender, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels to estimate the likelihood of developing heart-related issues. This comprehensive yet rapid assessment enables individuals to proactively monitor their health, leading to early interventions and informed discussions with healthcare professionals. By providing essential health data, the station empowers users in maintaining their heart health and overall wellness.

Exhibition Period:

15 ~ 16 January 2024 (Monday, Tuesday) at Our Tampines Hub

18 ~ 19 January 2024 (Thursday, Friday) at Bedok HeartBeat

60 second Wellness Pod