Week 2: Computer Aided Design 2D & 3D

Checklist for this week:

Pic of Vector file of rabbit Pic of rabbit sketch

I have been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator most of my career and I am fairly fluent with the software tools and Raster / Vector image editing. I use Adobe illustrator to create instruction manuals in pdf for my mini cardboard. The link to view the sample of the pdf is listed below.

For this exercise, I sketch a rabbit and take a photo of it. And then I trace the photo and make a vector image in svg format (pictures above). Next, I build the 3D model in Blender 3D (Version 3.3.1) which I have been using since 2017. The technique I used is call box modelling, by moving the vertex, edge or face of the digital 3D model in the virtual space. The working file is in the link below.

Pic of Vector file of rabbit Pic of rabbit sketch Pic of Blender3D software

Last year, I start exploring Autodesk Fusion360 for parametric designing. I create a sketch and extrude (join/ cut) them into 3D object as shown below. The working file is here.

Pic of Fusion360 Pic of Fusion360

Links to working files