Seven Sculptures for Celebratory Decorations #SP70

  1. (T11 Square) Singapore Comic Con 2023 goes 'MAD': SP students get chance to showcase work at signature exhibition. The student projects were prominently featured at the MAD Pavilion booth and were further highlighted through live musical performances, a dynamic art wall, and a striking life-size HULK sculpture.

  2. (Food Court 5) The "Everyday, A Learning Day" initiative, hosted during the May Day Istana Open House on May 1, 2016, was a collaborative effort among the Lifelong Learning Council, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), the President's Office, and the Science Centre. A lion sculpture created at the event eight years ago remains a testament to the initiative's enduring impact, still standing strong today.

  3. (Food Court 2) The Prime Minister's Office of Singapore annually hosts a significant Chinese New Year garden party at the Istana, engaging various cultural and community groups. In 2024, students from Singapore Polytechnic contributed to the festivities by crafting a large-scale "hotpot" sculpture utilizing 3D printing and other advanced digital fabrication techniques.

  4. (Auditorium) The Ah Gong Bear at 4m tall

  5. (Business School T18) Memory Tree #01

  6. (MAD School T19) Memory Tree #02

  7. (Library L2A) Life-size F1 car

SP70 sculptures
SP70 Graduation Bear
SP70 F1 car in Library
SP70 in Business Cluster
SP70 F1 car in Library