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18. Project development


  • Jun 01: project development
  • Jun 13 (Mon): Final Presentation
    • Presentations 2022
    • Tell Neil “Turn on the audio”, otherwise audio of video will be muted


June 29: local evaluation to global evaluation deadline

  • Students must have all assignments documented and ready
  • Instructors should have revied and marked all assignments as complete
  • Last chance to request for Global Evaluation

July 13: global evaluation to Students deadline

  • Global evaluators review, back, and forward with Students, final details

July 27: final deadline for the Global Eval cycle

  • Global Evaluators make the final decision: Graduate or Next Cycle (which means students still can finish between Sept-Nov 2022)

August 1-5: Publication of Graduates list

October 12-22 2022: Fab Island Bali

Graduation Ceremony on Sat, Oct 15th

During Global Evaluation, expert instructors other than your instructors will review your work based on what you have documented on your sites, and make sure your documentation meet the Assessment Standards to grant you the Fab Academy Diploma.


Sept 1º to December 1º: Closing Continuing Evaluation

  • November 15th: Students must have all assignments documented and ready, and cleared 100% on Nueval by their local Instructors
  • December 1: Global Evaluators make the final decision: Graduate or Next Cycle

From Last week Assignment

develop a plan for dissemination of your final project


  • Document about development plan of your final project
  • Licence
  • Add License Mark in your slide




Complete your final project, tracking your progress:
what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
what’s working? what’s not?
what questions need to be resolved?
what will happen when?
what have you learned?


  • Answer the each question

Last update: June 3, 2022