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Fusion 360 CAM

Ref. Fusion 360 Quick-Start Guide for 3018 Pro & PROver CNC’s

Install Tool Library

Download and unzip Fusion 360 Tool Library

Bantam tools site

Download .zip

The tool library contains definitions for the following tools:

  • 1/8” Flat End Mill
  • 1/16” Flat End Mill
  • 1/32” Flat End Mill
  • 1/64” Flat End Mill
  • 1/100” Flat End Mill
  • 1/8” Ball End Mill
  • 1/16” Ball End Mill
  • 1/32” Ball End Mill
  • 1/64” Ball End Mill
  • Metal Engraving Bit, 0.005”
  • Collet Nut
├── Bantam Tools Tool Library 0.3
│   ├── Othermill Tool Library 0.3.json

Install to Fusion 360

Switch to Manufacture workspace

Manage -> Tool Library

Local -> library -> Import libraries -> .json -> Open
Imported Tools

Make tool path


Setup origin

Set the Stock Point to top, front, left corner of the model

Stock -> Model -> Fixed size -> Set the material Dimension Width(X), Depth(Y) and Height(Z)

Model Position(Z) -> Offset from top(+Z) -> Offset 0mm

“Round up to Nearest” to 0


By default, Fusion 360 will place your model in the exact center of your stock. Depending on the size of your stock and the CAM strategies you wish to use, you may want to align your model to the surface of your stock or offset it by some absolute amount. To do this, choose the “Model Position” for the dimension you want to align to, choose the side you want to offset from, and fill in the Offset field with the amount you want to offset by. Entering 0 will align your model flush to that face of your stock.


Rough Cut

3D -> 3D Contour

Tool -> Select

Select 1/8” Flat End Mill


Path made

Simulate Running

Finish Cut

3D -> Parellel

Tool -> select -> 1/16” Flat End Mill

- Endmill 1/16” = 1.5875 - Steopver 50% = 1.5875 x0.5 = 0.79375

Path made


Export G-code

Action -> Postscript

Select “Post” from Library

Search “grbl” and select Grbl

Uncheck both “Output M6” & “Output Tool Number”

Operation tab -> select setup(s) to use

Safe retracts and home positioning -> Clearance Height
Name: rough_cut -> Post to Save .nc file

Clearance Height is set in here


Do not select them
G28: 機械原点復帰 (Return to Machine Zero Point)
G53: 機械座標系設定 (on-Modal Machine Coordinate Selection)



Mill in this order



Last update: October 9, 2022