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13. Networking and communications


Instructors bootcamp 2023

USB-D11C-serial with 1x6 TH Pin and USB-A connector

USB-D11C-serial with 1x6 TH Pin and USB-A connector

FA2022 USB-D11C-serial (Arduino IDE + Xiao)

Group Assignment

send a message between two projects



What does “two projects” mean in the group assignment
Answer: You need to send a message between any combination of boards, computers and/or mobile devices. You need to write code that sends or receives the message in question.


last year

ESP32-CAM Switch bot

Individual assignment

design, build, and connect wired or wireless node(s)
with network or bus addresses



Can we use arduino/commercial boards for networking?
Answer: Yes, provided one of the boards is of your own design and fabrication. Commercial wireless modules can be used provided they are integrated into your own design. You can use a commercial networking module as long as it is integrated in your own design. Note the difference between board and module - those are two different things.



  • I2C = Inter-Integrated Circuit
    • IIC(I-I-C)
    • I^2C(I-squared-C), I2C(I-two-C)

Ref. ESP32 I2C Communication: Set Pins, Multiple Bus Interfaces and Peripherals (Arduino IDE)

Pull up resistor

  • 10k ohm
Output device OLED Networking I2C Board
10k 4.99k


Tips: Find I2C OLED Address and Display original image

Last update: April 29, 2022