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10. Output devices

Machine Building

Meeting with Armenia students

  • 15:00-17:00JST (10:00-12:00 Armenia) ?
  • 22:00- JST (17:00-Armenia) ?

  • Schedule
    • Apr 06: mechanical design, machine design (Class)
    • Apr 09(Sat): local session
    • Apr 13: midterm review
    • Apr 16(Sat): local session
    • Apr 20: input devices (1 min presentation)


  • Local evaluation


Apr 13: midterm review


Prepare for global evaluation by having your local instructor
review your preceding assignments and final project site

Group Assignment

measure the power consumption of an output device

  • Ohm’s law

    • V = I x R
      • Voltage
      • Intensity of electricity
      • Resistance
    • P = I x V [W] = I^2 x R [W]
  • How to measure Voltage

    • multimeter
  • How to measure I
    • I = V/R
      • V: multimeter
      • R: known value
  • Circuits

    • 直列(series)
    • 並列(parallel)
  • Sense resistor / Shunt resistor

Ref. last year local session

Ref. last year group assignment

individual assignment:

add an output device to a microcontroller board you’ve designed,
and program it to do something


Assessment/Output Devices

Is it ok to use the LED in the hello board as an output device for this assignment?
Answer: No, you need to do more.

Assessment/Input device

Can I use a breadboard and/or jump wires to interface my input device(s)
Answer: No. You can’t use a breadboard. If you use wires, they must be soldered or connected with connectors.

Color LED




C1 104 = 100nF = 0.1uF
Ref. uf-nf-pf-capacitor-conversion-table

neon (EL wire)

Last update: April 1, 2022