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9.5 Group Project- Molding and Casting

For our group assignment this week, we were asked to review the safety data sheets for each of the molding and casting materials in our Fab Lab. We then were asked to prepare and compare test casts with each of them. We worked as a group together on March 24 until we got the project completed. With Avery Horvath, I helped mix all of the products and helped to make observations of the molds. Five different brands of molding and casting material are housed in the Charlotte Latin School Fab Lab, and we divided up the product MSDS’s to research as follows:

Material Person Assigned To Research It
Task 3: Performance Urethane Casting Resin Nidhie
Task 8: Heat Resistant Urethane Plastic Barbara
Mold Star 31T: Platinum Silicone Rubber Scott
Liquid Plastic: Urethane 666 Charlie
Smooth Cast 300Q Avery

I researched the “Task 8: Heat Resistant Urethane Plastic”.

Over the week, we continued to work on individual projects, and we realized there was another time of molding and casting material (called “Dragon Skin”). We did included this material in our summary on the group site. To see our work, please visit our site.

Last update: May 14, 2022