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6.5 Group Project- Testing Equipment in Fab Lab to Observe the Operation of a Microcontroller Circuit Board

This week, the group assignment was to use the test equipment in the Charlotte Latin School Fab Lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board. For my part in this group assignment, I used a multimeter to test the voltages across the components in my ATTiny Blinky board as it was being “controlled”/programmed by my SAMD11 board.

We utilized a basic “fade” code (from the “Examples” in the Arduino IDE) to show how the voltage fluctated up and down through both the LED and its adjoining limiting resistor. Voltages across all other components in the circuit were slightly above 3.3 V. This made sense since we had the switch on the side of my SAMD11 board in the 3.3 V position. If it had been in the 5V position, our voltages would have registered slightly above 5 V.

To see the work our group did in making these observations, please visit our page.

Last update: March 15, 2022