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Blender Day 2

I am following the tutorials of Blender Guru.

I have followed video 5 and video 6 today.

Video 5 : Sculpting and applying modifiers


Before sculpting, we need a more detailed mesh. Therefore we need to apply the modifiers.

Because that is a definitive action, it’s always a good practice to keep a copy in archive following the experience of Andrew Price, alias Blender Guru.

To do that we duplicate the donut and icing by selecting them and using the hot key Shift + D.

Then join them in a collection created with Shift + M.

We then archive them and hide them.

Applying modifiers

Sculpting to create defects

The reality is never perfect.

We use the : * Inflate brush to create droplets * Grab brush to adjust the icing in the inner ring * Smooth brush to correct when we went too far

The hot keys are :

  • F to select the brush size
  • Shift + F to select Strength
  • Control while sculpting to sculpt in negative rather than positive.

Last update: February 16, 2021