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About me

Hi! I am Jason Pettiaux. I am biomedical engineer based in Brussels, Belgium. I am a very curious person and I am passionate about a lot of topics ranging from languages to knives throwing and from picking locks to philosophy and economical implications of a wide scale adoption of the free software principles in the global economy.

Visit this website to see my work!

My background

I was born in Brussels, halfway between the “Forêt de Soignes” and the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) where the Fab Lab ULB is based. Both my parents where lucky enough to go to university and our values were clear from the start: Share what you have with those who don’t, starting with knowledge because giving it does not cost you at all. My father is a living embodiment of this mantra as he has been teaching for the biggest part of his carreer and spent his whole life fighting for the free software movement so we received RMS at home multiple times.

On my mother side, my grandfather had to hide during the war and thus the following mantra was taught to us early on: 

“You own what you have in your head and what you can do with your hands, everything can be taken away.”

After a comfortable childhood, I went to the local university, the ULB, where I studied Biomedical Engineering. During my studies, I did an Erasmus in Berlin and learned German. Berlin is great, I very much advise you to go there, to visit or to stay !

Previous work

After my studies, I decided that I really wanted to learn another language so I moved to work in Barcelona and learn Spanish (no, no, not Catalan). There I met amazing people and discovered great projects and soon enough I wanted to build my own but what to build was still unclear.

After coming back to Belgium and a short entrepreneurial experience, I came back to my field, biomedical engineering and the medical device industry.

Now, I have been working in medical devices and IVD for almost 2 years and I loved it ! Working on products that save people’s life is really amazing !

I now had tons of projects related to that field but I realized I did not have the full skill set to build them (for technical part at least), so I decided to join the FabAcademy!

I am building plenty of projects but they’re not technical for the most part so I can’t show nice pictures of them.

Last update: February 10, 2021