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Project Idea : Photogrammetry 3D Scanner

I have built the OpenFlexure Microscope and realized it was already very good and without using it regularly, it would be difficult to improve it.

Therefore I decided to improve one device for which I saw a lot of potential but also a lot of potential improvement, Quentin’s 3D scanner.

Existing scanners


I found no photogrammetry scanners online which surprised me. It is true that it’s not super useful as you can take the pictures with your phone but taking a lot of pictures is time consuming.

Quentin’s scanner is my reference here.

Quentin's Photogrammetry scanner

Laser scanners

I found different 3D scanners that are expensive and not incredibly precise.

Besides that I found one that is opensource, the Ciclop.

Ciclop : Open Source Scanner

One that I really liked is the scanner of Matterform, especially because it can be packed and stored easily.

Matter Form Scanner

Last update: June 18, 2021