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12. Mechanical and Machine Design

Group Assignment

This week we made two groups and each one of us had to design and build a machine. After voting, we decided to do a Tic-Tac-Toe drawing machine to defeat humans. All the process is registered in our group page and I helped Dhanu in the machine building and assembly process

Designing and building the machine

Mechanical Design

First, the main structure is solid rectangle that we found at the lab. Here is a picture of the solid:

Afterwards, we defined what process must follow our machine because depending on that, we could know how many holders and holes will be designed. Our machine has the following features: 1 Degree of freedom on the X axis using dual stepper motors, 1 Degree of freedom on the Y axis using a single stepper motor, 1 degree of freedom on the Z axis using a single servo motor.

With all this information, we defined that we are going to design: - Two pieces for both sides on the rectangle that works on the X axis with holders for the wheels and stepper.

  • One piece in the center that holds the aluminium structure working on the Y axis.

  • Another piece to attach the servo and the pen holder on the Y axis

Laser Cut

We did this in the laser cut with acrylic of 5mm. Here we have some pictures of the process.


Something important to take in consideration is the penn holder because it has to have a good holder and we realize that in the foollowing video:

MachineTesting from Angel Erazo on Vimeo.

At the beginnig, we had in mind to put the the Y axis above the base frame however at the end we decide to put the z axis under the base frame as a result the Z axis will be shorter.


Acrylic Plate

Last update: June 29, 2022