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6. 3D Scanning and printing

For this week I had to design something to 3D print. I was thinking and finally I decided to do something very interesting for me. So, go ahead!


I like how it looks the gears and I wanted to design them. I did my design on fusion 360. These are the steps:

  • The good thing is that fusion has the scripts and add-ins command which allows us to set up some parameters and we can custom our gear.

  • I set up the following parameters: Size ratio, Pitch Diameter and root Fillet Radius.

  • I created two and the smaller one was taken apart from the other. Then, I move the smaller to fit the bigger

  • For designing the base I created two circles and then I used the extrude command

  • Afterwards, I created the drafts for both gears.

  • Using the As-built Joint and motion link commands to simulate the movement. Here you can see a video:

Gear from Angel Erazo on Vimeo.

  • Finally, I used the extrude command for create a better big gear.

Something very important for printing we need to download the file as .STL

3D printing

Time for printing, I used the 3D printer Ender. BEsides, I used PLA as the material. It is not difficult the next steps for prepare everything for printing.

This is a video while the 3D printer was working.

Video-3DPrinting from Angel Erazo on Vimeo.

This is the final result:

Group Assigment

Here is the link.


Last update: June 29, 2022