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19. Project development

This week we feel very worried due to the final presentation. We have to improve our final projects. Here you can see:

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

  • 3D Desing parts (Fusion 360): All parts have been designed.
  • 3D Printing parts : I just have the files of the however I am going to print them in this final week.
  • Electronic design and production: I decided to use the ESP32 but I need to do the schematic and the board on Kicad
  • Programming: I have not programmed my board, yet. The good thing is that I know what code will be useful for my device because I tested the code using an ESP32 development board, breadboard and jumper wires and it worked perfectly.
  • Assembling the prototype: I am going to join all the pieces when I have the first case and then testing the device in my own door.

What is working? what is not?

  • The programming is working however I had to change and sending the email by IFTTT instead of Gmail.
  • Another important thing is that my case fits the board I have not printed yet but It seems that I have to make change due to the dimensions of the board.

What questions need to be resolved?

Definitely, after milling my board and stuffing the components, I need to answer these questions: - My board will work? I need to check the datasheet of the ESP32 to avoid this kind of problem - Can I send the email correctly? - Can I design a second case for the magnets?

All these questions I need to answer during the next week.

What will happen when?

My next move is to keep learning and improving my project. I would like to design a main Hub to create a window sensor to control all my house. Also, I want to learn more about electronics and programming because the technology is changing and I really like it to learn about this topics.

What have you learned?

I learned a lot during this time, both professionally and personally. The Fab Academy is a great experience that I would recommend to others. The program not only gives us technical skills and knowledge also it allows us to develop our soft skills because every week we have to face different challenges and we have to move on and continue. Finally, Thanks to all the instructors, your are the most important part of all it.

What does it do?

The device send an email when the door is open and at the same time the led turns on.

Who’s done what beforehand?

I was looking for previous projects in the Fab Academy site to have any references and I have not found a home security devices. However, I found some projects that can help me a lot, for example: - To follow a workflow, the Help button of Jimena Galvez Paredes will be very useful and has many tips for using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. - To get a good explanation related to how to connect the microcontroller with the tool to create the app, this is my Indispensable Pill Case of Griffin Van horne

What did you design?

  • Case and lid
  • PCB design
  • Code
  • wireless Connection

What materials and components were used?

Material: - PLA filament (3D printer) - Acrylic (Laser cutter) Components: - Microcontroller (ESP32) - PIR Sensor - LED: Green and Red - Resistors - capacitors - Voltage Regulator - Batteries - Pinheads - Buttons

Where did they come from?

The components and materials I need I will order from suppliers like DigiKey, Amazon or AZ-delivery.

How much did they cost?

What parts and systems were made?

  • The case
  • The electronic board
  • The Lid
  • The hall sensor

What processes were used?

The digital design process will be developed in Fusion360. The structure will be made by 3d printing processes. The electronic boards will be made by precision milling processes The components and sensors will be soldered by hand. The electronic programming part will be developed using Arduino.

What questions were answered?

  • How to order all the electronic components with the ESP32 microcontroller
  • Figure out how to send the e-mail coding.
  • External structure fits on the board.

What worked? What didn’t?

It worked the wifi connection and the device could send the email. To be honest the case did not fit to the case the first time.

How was it evaluated?

The wireless door sensor could send the e-mail and the led turn on, therefore I can say that I accomplish my objective.

What are the implications?

For me is a big step and I want to keep learning about electronics and programming.


Last update: June 28, 2022