# Annual Report 2022 & 2023

This Annual Report’s goal is to summarize the efforts the whole Fab Academy community has done during the last 2 years. We hope you find this information interesting and useful as it is for us a great source of pride. If you want further clarifications, or you want to contribute, please contact us at coordination@fabacademy.org

# Summary

We've been experiencing a mild drop in applications since COVID break, but we're happy to withness a full recuperation in Applications and Student numbers for the current 2024 cycle.

The Fab Academy 2022 cycle ran from January 26th to June 8th, and the 2023 cycle ran from January 25th to June 14th, years during which we whitnessed a recuperation from the Pandemic break, but spattered with other international ups and downs.

Two amazing things happened these 2 past years...Bali Fab Fest (opens new window) and FAB23 Bhutan (opens new window)

By recovering our in-person Annual Conferences we not only recovered a nice tradition of seeing eachother and working together but also impacted larger local communities with the collaborations made through the Fab Challenges: Past Challenges Repository (opens new window). Stay tuned for the Mexico Fab Challenge (opens new window) in August 2024.

Another great thing that happened was the consolidation of the pre Fab Academy Bootcamps: Instructors Bootcamp and Students Bootcamp.

The 2022 Instructors Bootcamp (opens new window) took place is Fab Lab Oulu, Finland, and The 2023 Instructors Bootcamp (opens new window) gathered Neil and Instructors and Mentors in Fab Lab Amsterdam - Waag. Instructor Bootcamps are a great tool to consolidate practices and to test new technologies and advances in the topics covered each week.


Online Students Bootcamp on the other hand, a 1-hour 4-days training, is an excellent tool for Students to get the essential soft-skills set that will come handy once the Program starts.

# Some numbers

During 2022, we had 93 registrations and 61 active NODES running classes, and 78 applications and 52 Active Nodes in 2023. Luckily, 2024 gives a much better picture with 95 Node registrations and 60 active Nodes with Students. During 2023 we had 15 New Nodes, labs that never offeredthe program before, and 16 New Node sin 2024.

All in all, we've had +220 Fab Labs acting as Fab Academy Nodes throughout these 15 years!

In 2022, Fab Academy received 286 Applications and 185 new Students started. In 2023 we received 252 applications and 131 new Students started. In these 2 years we had around 50+ Continuing Students, students who enrolled in previous cycles that were not able to finish then, and re-activate their status to finish.

Combining both years, we had 288 amazing Final Projects and 223 Graduates!

# We’re always amazed to see the variety of origins and nationalities in our community and the age range.

# And we love to see so many Backgrounds filling our Global Classroom.

# We still have a long way to go regarding students' gender representation, but we’re working on it!

We’ve been witnessing a growth in female representation on the Instructor’s group

# Financials

This is a comparative of Income per each cycle:

And this is a comparative of the Distribution of Costs in both years.

# Scholarships

In 2022 and 2023, Fab Academy Central granted 62 partial scholarships, amounting $80,333 in total. We're very proud to say that the ratio of Graduation of our students under the Scholarship Program is of +80%!

In 2022 students presented 159 Final Projects! Here (opens new window)

Highlight students for this year selected by the Fab Academy community, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Originality of the final project idea
  • Field of application of the final project
  • Understandability and clearness of the presented contents


Jon Merino (opens new window)

Amany Ayman (opens new window)

Joshwin Johnson (opens new window)

Yukiya Yamane (opens new window)

Kurumi Shiowaki (opens new window)

Pedro Chana (opens new window)

Pacome Kpodar (opens new window)

Kishor Gaikwad (opens new window)

Prasetya Kurniawan (opens new window)

Vrushabh Zunjurkar (opens new window)

Edgar Arevalos (opens new window)

Eduard Almasque (opens new window)

Cheung Hin Chan (opens new window)

Yusuke Takahashi (opens new window)

In 2023 students presented 129 Final Projects! Here (opens new window)

Highlight students for this year selected by the Fab Academy community, taking into account the following criteria:


First to Finish! Rinchen Dorji (opens new window)

Best Dzongkha: Yeshey Lepcha (opens new window)

Best Time Management: Hiroe Takeda (opens new window)

Best Modular Robot: Svavar Konradsson (opens new window)

Best Agricultural Robot: Amany Kouassi (opens new window)

Best Heathcare Application: Prince Ruganji (opens new window)

Best Use of Textiles: Michelle Vossen (opens new window)

Best Environmental Interaction: Ekaterina Kormilitsyna (opens new window)

Biggest Project: Bartholomew Ting (opens new window)

Best Physics: Jason Goodman (opens new window)

Honorary Mentions Here (opens new window)

# FAB Conference

Next Fab Conference will be in Mexico (opens new window)

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