# Start now your advertisement campaign!

We suggest some strategies to start your marketing campaign:

  • Organize Events, free open events to show digital fabrication tools to your community and other interested public. Use these events to explain Fab Academy and other projects you are involved in. Or, participate in fairs and education-related events so locals know about Fab Academy in their city.

  • Use Social Media to post on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at least once a week about Fab Academy projects or events. Use nice pictures, with people making things, good lighting, color and focus. Use a catchy phrase to describe them and tag with the appropriate people and hashtags like: #fabacademy, #makermovement, #digitalfabrication, #fablabnetwork, @fabacademany etc.

  • Launch a Scholarship Campaign, if waiving part of your local costs at least in one Tuition is a possibility, a Scholarship Campaign usually drive a lot of attention

  • Walk the Hood...Use flyers and posters in specific places near your Fab Lab and where you know your objective public is assiduous (Schools, Companies, specialized shops).

  • Contact companies that may be interested in sponsoring their employees to take the course.

# Marketing Kit

👉 Find the 2024 editable Brochure & Assets Drive (opens new window)

Fab Academy Brochure

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