The Fab Academy is possible thanks to the help of our Team below, and a large number of collaborators.

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld

Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms and Fab Academy Program Director

Sherry Lassiter

Director Fab Lab Program and Fab Foundation CEO

Luciana Asinari

Fab Academy Global Coordinator

coordination at

Chiara Dallolio

Fab Academy Admissions

admissions at

Fiore Basile

Fab Academy Developer and IT Guru

it at

Norella Coronell

Fab Academy Community Manager

norella at

Fab Academy Finances Team

administration at

Accreditations & Overlays

Please contact Romain di Vozzo: Romain at

Supply Chain

  • For FR1 machinable PCB, MTM Kits and Fab Academy Class Kits please contact Jean-Luc Pierite: jeanluc.pierite at

  • For the rest of the stock, please ask your Mentor/Guru.

Global Support Team

Bas Withagen, Wendy Neale, Francisco Sanchez, among many others.

Other Academany Programs

Bio Academy

Jean-Michel Molenaar

htgaadmin at


Anastasia Pistofidou, Cecicila Raspanti, Fiore Basile

info at

Grow with Fab Incubator Program

Jani Ylioja & Ohad Meyuhas

jani.ylioja at

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