computer-controlled machining

group assignment

test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine

On the to do list. At the moment, I do not have access to a milling machine.


There are still problems with the delivery of our large CNC machines. But I got the chance to use the CNC machine from Daniele. For this I have to take a somewhat longer trip. But with a little effort I got the wood into the car. So that I could verify this assiment.

Making the FabAcademy without a FabLab - or how I build my own Lab

It should also be mentioned that this week our laboratory was closed since Monday because of Corona. So I packed our company car with everything I might need for the next few weeks.

Old and new workspace for tools that produce dirt

Old and new workspace for tools that produce less dirt

idividual assignment

computer-controlled machining
The task of the week is to build something big. So this week I will build one of my robot models in which you can sit in and hopefully even drive. For this I have scaled up the system 120 times. A self-build vehicle which you can sit and roll down a hill in is known as a soap box (Seifenkiste) in Germany. Seifenkistenrennen (soap box races) are a regular occurence.

Since our fablab is closed since this week, I could only take some materials and machines with me, including the Shaper Origin. With this I wanted to make a few first tests and I had so much fun that I built a little bit further.

First Prototype

I built the first prototype with LEGO.

After I built the prototype. I started to work and step by step I build my soapbox and continued to construct.

How to use the Shaper Origin




Here you can see how I fixed the shafts on the underside by putting wood bolts through the holes.


First test sitting.


In this video you can see my building progress, what the finished vehicle looks like, and how it works.

To do

By now, it has become dark and there is still a lot to do.


In the second video you can see how I drive my soapbox for the first time. It already works very well.

The driving is excellent. I still have to rework the steering, because at the moment it can only be operated with very high power. Additionally it would be good if I would install a brake ;)

Futhur do

Now I have to wait until it is possible to work in the fablab again. I would like to cut the seat with a milling machine, otherwise it will be too much work. I want to cut the wood in a way that it becomes flexible and doing that by hand would be very inefficient. Below you can see a sketch.

I try to create the flexible seat area again with the pattern of my system, this time only with the half blocks. Of course I have to do some tests when the labs are open again.


Now I have the chance to use a large cnc. As the assiment is already a few weeks ago I changed my plan what I want to mill.
Our fablab is moving soon and we will have more space. So we need new furniture. We will have more space but we all know that space will never be enough. Therefore we need furniture that is as flexible as possible. Therefore I have designed a prototype for a modular high, cabinet, table, ceiling, grandstand system.

Fusion 360


Now we come to the big CNC.


Now I get to put the pieces together.


Big Soap Box

Sitting Box