electronics production

group assignment

characterize the design rules for your PCB production process



The machine enables blanks to be milled. It is possible to mill structures that are 100 µm fine. The machine is able to adjust the milling width automatically. It has an optical edge recognition (camera) to create 2-sided boards.

workspace 229 mm x 305 mm x 35/22 mm
automated tools 15
milling and drilling spindle 60.000 rpm

individual assignment

make an in-circuit programmer by milling and stuffing the PCB, test it, then optionally try other PCB processes



Eagle is a software for designing circuit boards.


I am testing the programmer from Brain which is a variation on the one from Zeracs.
I used the schematic but designed my own circuit board.

Parts Type Value In Eagle
ATtiny45 SOIC8_EIAJ_208MIL - ATTINY45-20S
Mini-USB 2.0 Typ B UX60SC - UX60SC-MB-5ST
Capacitor C1812 100nF C1
Resistor 1206 49Ω R49(1), R49(2)
Resistor 1206 499Ω R499(1), R499(2)
Resistor 1206 1KΩ R1k(1), R1k(2)
LED red 1206 - LEDRAD
LED green 1206 - LEDGREEN
Pin Header 2x3 2X03SMD - JP1
Diode MINIMELF - D1, D2

LPKF Software

Now I have to choose settings for the milling machine.

Mill and assemble

Next I have to assemble and solder circuit boards.

Test circuit board

Next I tried to create my board with the Vinylcutter, but encountered many problems.


I had a few problems with testing the circuit board. It didn't work on my computer so I ended up using one of the Macs from the lab, they are a bit slow but in the end it worked.

First I closed the jumper with a cable.
First I had to download and install CrossPack AVR. It is a toolchain to program Atmel's AVR microcontroller.
Then I followed Zaerc`s instructions.
Then I connected the board to the computer with a USB cable. As soon as I connect it to the PC, the red light comes on.

Now I can connect the programmer. Since this is my first self-designed board I made a few mistakes in the design. To make sure that everything fits on the board I put the pin header upside down and couldn't just plug in the connector and had to connect them separately.

Then I have to start flashing with the command make flash in the console.

        avrdude -p attiny45 -c avrisp2 -P usb -e \
        -U flash:w:fts_firmware.hex

Everything was successfully installed.