computer-controlled cutting

group assignment

characterize your lasercutters focus, power, speed, rate, kerf, and joint clearance

Epiolog Zing 500 Watt

Engravable materials:

Our Laiser is from the company Zing igendwer has expanded with the company name by Bazinga.

stainless steel; laminate based plastics; acrylic/plexiglass; painted metals; anodised aluminium; wood, plywood, MDF and veneer; glass; stone, granite and marble; ceramics and tiles; leather; rubber; paper, cardboard and paperboard; cork; fabrics and textiles; earmoulds; biogravure: e.g. sausage or apple

Cuttable materials:

Laminate based plastics; acrylic/plexiglass; wood, plywood, MDF and veneer; paper, cardboard and paperboard; cork; foil; leather; rubber; fabrics and textiles

workspace 610 x 305 mm
engraving speed 14,45 min
resolution 150 dpi - 1000 dpi

To show further possibilities of using the lasercutter I designed a cube on whose outside you can see different examples of our lasercutter. I created the box with makerCase.
The sides contain:
- Setting for Mark
- Setting for Cut
- Difference Mark-Cut-Engrave
- Settings for engrave
- Setting for 3D engrave
- Joint spacing
I cut one out in acrylic as well as in wood, as you can see in the video below.
I glued the dice together because they are on our exhibition table and go through a lot of hands. They would also hold together but when they do they are more stable when they fall on the floor or something.
Download box for 3 mm Material

Lasercutter values.

Acryl cut

25% 50% 75% 100%

Acryl Engrave

25% 50% 75% 100%

Wood cut

25% 50% 75% 100%

Wood Engrave

25% 50% 75% 100%
parametric 2D modelling

With parametric design, the parameters such as length, angle, etc. are defined as variables and can therefore be changed later. As soon as you give a size a fixed value it is fixed. For example, if you assign an angle of 90 degrees to one of the two lines and change the length of one of the lines, the other line will move with it, because the angle has been set before. So you have to take care not to set too many parameters and make it impossible to change things later. The advantage of the paramtric design is that you can quickly make improvements later on. For example, if you have to change your screw holes so that they are a millimeter larger, you can make them dependent on each other so that you only have to correct one of them and they all change automatically.

individual assignment part 1

cut something on the vinylcutter

Silhouette Studio


Silhouette Studio is a software for hobby plotters.

As an example for the vinylcutter I have made a small dice bag. I cut the thermal transferfoil with the Silhouett Cameo using the provided sketch. Then I removed all foil parts that I do not want to have on my bag. Finally I put the foil on my material and pressed it with a mini press.
You can see it all in the video below

individual assignment part 2

Design, lasercut, and document a parametric construction kit, accounting for the lasercutter kerf, which can be assembled in multiple ways, and for extra credit include elements that aren't flat

We're supposed to build a construction kit. So I asked myself what kind of construction kit I could build that would serve a purpose. Me and some friends meet regularly to play Dungeon and Dragons and we have to visualize the landscape or dungeons. We do this at the moment by drawing on paper.
So I thought that I would like to design a dungeon construction kit.
I ended up cutting with the settings: Power: 50, speed: 100, frequency: 500
Dowlowd dungen master stl

Fusion 330

I deselected my construction kit in Fusion 360.


As a last step I exported all files as svg files and merged them into one file to have them clearly arranged.
The red lines must be cut.
The blues should be marked.
The black surface should be engraved about 2 mm.



With visicut I can control the laser cutter.

Laser Cutter

After I have sent my file to the laser cutter I have to make some last settings so I can't start cutting.

In the video below you can see the created and cut kit.

Long Version

Short Version

Build a dungeon

Here you can see some pictures.

Something that aren't flat

For the round corners I had to experiment a little bit. I wanted a pattern that looked a bit like stones. Unfortunately this didn't work out so I decided to use these designs. I searched a little bit which variants are already available and designed them like the already existing ones.