Lena Hagenauer Fablab Bottrop

Hi, my name is Lena! I'm a 24-yo Applied Computer Sciences student at Hochschule Ruhr West. I recently wrote my bachelors thesis on a Virtual Reality application for wheelchair users and am now enrolled in a Masters program.
I've been working with robots for eight years. I started a robot club at my old school in 2012, and today we have about 50 kids participating every year. Some of them participate in big competitions, such as the Robocup.
I've been working at the HRW Fablab since 2016. Here I am responsible for maintaining most of our devices and the lab itself.
I love to do carpentry and working with wood in general, so one of my favourite tools is the Shaper our lab has recently acquired. I wanted to participate in the Fabacademy since I started working at the lab. It's the perfect project to combine my skills from Uni with the things I love to do.
I am looking forward to a great Fabacademy time. See you soon in Montreal!