About me

Hello, I’m Jonathan Blok. Since finishing my master’s degree six years ago I’ve been working as a Software Engineer in the field of security. I was born in Utrecht, but moved to Germany when I was 23. After that I’ve lived in Ireland, Poland, and Germany before returning to the Netherlands. In my spare time I also work as a volunteer at a foundation which works with homeless people from Eastern Europe. Recently, I’ve become very interested in product design and prototyping and decided to pursue a career in that area. Which is why I’ve joined the FabAcademy program.

Learning goals

I want to learn how to tackle real-world problems. I enjoy programming as a means to a practical end, but not as part of enterprise software development. Another goal is to learn to use the creative process as part of problem-solving.

I’m a huge fan of the Bauhaus art movement. Something I want to learn at FabAcademy is not just how to design practical products, but also learn how to create a distinct aesthetic style. Although, I’ve never attended art school, I’ve always been interested in art and design in general. This is something I want to explore next to learning the practical aspects of prototyping.