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Final Project Summary: WordClock2.0

WordClock2.0 Update 4: Software and Leaking Light

WordClock2.0 Update 3: Power Distribution

WordClock2.0 Update 2: Laser Cutting and Mechanical Improvements

WordClock2.0 Update 1: Initial Electronics Design

Week 17: Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Model

Week 16: Machine Building

Week 15: Applications and Implications (AKA Pick A Final Project)

Week 14: Interface And Application Programming

Week 13: Networking

Week 12: Composites

Week 11: Outputs

Week 10: Inputs

Week 9: Casting And Moulding

Week 8: Computer Controlled Machining (AKA Make Something Big)

Bonus Content! Week 7.5: Designing a PSoC 4 Breakout Board

Week 7: Embedded Programming

Week 6: Electronic Design

Week 5 Part 2: 3D Scanning and Printing

Week 5 Part 1: 3D Scanning and Printing

Week 4: Electronics Production

Bonus Content! Week 3.5: Even More Computer Controlled Cutting

Week 3: Computer Controlled Cutting

Week 2: Computer Aided Design

Final Project Proposals

Week 1: Principles, Practices and Project Management