Feature List

  • Connects over WiFi to get the time via NTP

  • Word colour can be set using a RESTful based API or using a very basic (and buggy!) Android App

  • There is a battery back RTC to keep time without access to the internet (although not currently functional in software!)

The clock is still in development - not all of the features are 100% tested, or even 100% functional yet! It does, however, work.

Development Process

If you're interested in how I developed the word clock, I would suggest looking at the following posts in this order:

  1. Final Project Proposals

  2. Week 2: Computer Aided Design

  3. Week 15: Applications and Implications (AKA Pick A Final Project)

  4. WordClock2.0 Update 1: Initial Electronics Design

  5. WordClock2.0 Update 2: Laser Cutting and Mechanical Improvements

  6. WordClock2.0 Update 3: Power Distribution

  7. WordClock2.0 Update 4: Software and Leaking Light

  8. Week 14: Interface And Application Programming

You can also check out the full project on my GitHub.

Get The Files


They are here only for the purpose of ticking all the boxes for Fab Academy graduation, and are already out of date.

Instead, you should get the latest and greatest from my GitHub.


Here are the old and out of date files...


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