Project Development

What's been completed and what's left to do?

As of right now, the top structure of our dome is done! We still need to cut out the base and assemble it, along with the half pentagons for the bottom of the dome. Both Whitney and I are working on our electronics portions and are trying to get those to work. We still need to cut our acrylic and assemble everything.

What's working?

My pressure sensor code is working for the lights but I'm having issues with the code for different light mode options.

Questions that need to be answered

Is there a way to have my light patterns be continuous and also switch between multiple modes?
How will we hold up our acrylic in the holes of our structure that have no lip?

What will happen when?

We will cut our base files when we go to Dassault on Monday and I'm continuing to work on my code.

What have you learned?

I've learned that I really struggle with programming and that it was super helpful to get a large portion of our project done early!