Machine Design

This week was machine week! Our entire lab decided to work together and create a drink machine for our lab! We ended up splitting up the work into three sections: design, electronics, and plumbing. I was in the electronics group along with Tuna, Whitney, Elizabeth, and Jacob! We split up work for different tasks. I worked on soldering the components to the board and coding the speaker system we were going to use. You can see our node's work here!

What I Did

In the electronics group, my job was to solder the board that Whitney made and work on the code for the speaker. You can see the soldered board below!

For the speaker, Whitney and I found a tutorial on using a piezo buzzer as an input from this website. I then used the code from that tutorial to program one buzzer as an input, and the other as an output that would play a song. You can see it working in the following video!

The code for the buzzer can be found here!