I'm Amanda Hodgkins! I'm a freshman at Wheaton College! I'm very undecided on my major since there are so many fields that interest me, but hopefully I'll be able to narrow it down! I enjoy working with technology, and took the few technology classes we had at my high school, along with interning with our IT Department in my last semester, although it got cut short due to COVID. I also love to build and make things and have done all sorts of projects ever since I was a kid. I think this may be part of the reason why I enjoy so many things and also have picked up like five new hobbies over the course of quarantine. I learned how to embroider and crochet, picked up baking bread, and started to make my own jewelery, along with probably some other activity that didn't stick with me like the other things did. This course is just a major blended version of the aspects of technology and making things, so hopefully it'll be fun for me! Being a part of Fab Academy is something that I'm both very excited and very scared for! I'm hoping that this course will lead me towards a major, career path, and job opportunities!