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Too much documentation. Looking for something specific I got lost sometimes…

20. Final Project - Presenting

19. Final Project - How to make it

18. Final Project - Planning

17 - Machine and Mechanical design

16 - Wildcard: Make a kitesurfing harness with composites

15. Molding and casting

14 - Networking and Communications

13. Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models

This week I will answer the big question: How could my work affect ‘the world’. How can I distribute it. Who could benefit from it?

12 - User interface

11 - Output devices

10 - Project masterpiece plan

This week is al about planning and plans. It helps me to get my plan straight, find the gaps and missing links. Find out if this is really enough to display my new Fabacademy skills.

9 - Input Devices

This week we have to measure something with a board we made. I want to use this week to get LDR & temperature input via an ESP-12 module

8 - Embedded programming

This week we will practice our ‘Embedded programming’ skills. I will test different toolchains on different Microcontrollers. A toolchain is a set of tools that compiles source code into executables that run on microcontrollers. Next to that I will try to read datasheets of microcontrollers and datasheets in general.

7 - Computer-controlled machining

The design process for the CNC machine milling machine. Test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine. Make (design+mill+assemble) something big

6 - Electronics Design

This week is about designing a PCB board with a micro-controller and understand it by displaying the in and output. First find out how our lab equipment works. Than individually redesign a ‘Hello World’ board, Mill it, Solder it and program it. We will use A LED an LDR and button as input and output.

5 - 3D printing

4 - Electronics Production

3 - Computer-Controlled Cutting

2 - Computer-Aided Design