Final Final Project - in progress

I’m addicted to wind & water, I need to keep up to date with the the upcoming wind. Read all about my probability too ambitious plan. I’ll try to work on it every week in the weekly Assignments so at the end I’m able to finish it. I will fabricate a product using all fabrication technologies learned during Fab Acadamy.

Week 9 - Input Devices

This week we have to measure something with a board we made. I want to use this week to get LDR & temperature input via an ESP-12 module

Week 8 - Embedded programming

This week we will practice our ‘Embedded progamming’ skills. I will test different toolchains on different Microcontrollers. A toolchain is a set of tools that compiles source code into executables that run on microcontrollers. Next to that I will try to read datasheets of microcontrollers and datasheets in general.

Week 7 - CNC Make something BIG

The design process for the CNC machine milling machine. Test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine. Make (design+mill+assemble) something big

Week 6 - Electronics Design

This week is about designing a PCB board with a micro-controller and understand it by displaying the in and output. First find out how our lab equipment works. Than individually redesign a ‘Hello World’ board, Mill it, Solder it and program it. We will use A LED an LDR and button as input and output.

Week 5 - 3D printing

This week is about 3D we will test the design rules for your 3D printer(s). And I will design and 3D print an (small) object, that could not be made subtractively.

Week 4 - Electronics Production

I will make an in-circuit programmer by milling a PCB, solder all the components in place. Programm it and test it. With the group we will characterize the used machine and design rules for your PCB production process.

Week 3 - Computer-Controlled Cutting

This week I will learn create and apply a parametric design cutting with the vinyl cutter and the laser cutter. Together with my fellow WaagFabbers we will find and document all the specifics of the machines.

Week 2 - Computer-Aided Design

This week we wil learn about Computer-Aided Design. ‘Computer-aided design (CAD) is a computer technology that designs a product and documents the design’s process. CAD may facilitate the manufacturing process by transferring detailed diagrams of a product’s materials, processes, tolerances and dimensions with specific conventions for the product in question.’

Week 1 - Project management - Git & Website

This week we learned about project management and will create a static website. I made some websites in the past but never heard about static websites. We have to put the website online using Git. The website should be a template for the upcoming weeks, according to everyone this have to create a static website using markdown pages and set up a structure for our documentation. With no experience in git this week and a strong urge to make a proper website and a good template for the upcoming weeks, it is challenging from the beginning.