When I was a little boy I took discarded electrical devices home and took them apart. I started with a hammer, later in life I found tools are more suited. Arther my demolishing period I got interested in fixing stuff, this started with moped’s and turned in to motorbikes and my VW camper. I rarely create physical things, since we have more than enough things in this world.

Welcome on my personal page

Today I’m a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam. I got interested in this job when working at info.nl, a full service Internet agency. At info I created websites in Flash, but in my spare time organized a Arduino Pizza session. I liked to do this and turned in to a workshop. From my workshop experience I started teaching at the University of Applied Science. My first year I lectured ‘Interaction Design’, now I’m more focused on lectures about designing for IoT and ‘Ubiquitous computing’.

Why am I stoked to follow the FabAcademy

I like to be in the Maker Lab at my University. To repair something for colleges or drink coffee with the Makers. I love to know more about how hard it is to create things. And I have a clear vision of my final product. I hope to learn a lot about all techniques and machines, but my biggest quest is to be better in managing my process and be able te create something I’m really proud of.