• actuate and automate your machine
  • document the group project and your individual contribution


Group Assignment

For the group assignment we are collaborating regionally. FabLab AgriLab in France and FabLab Waag in Amsterdam have joined forces to create a machine together. This is the setup for the collaboration.

Read all about our group assignment

My personal contribution

  • Being part of our amazing team!
  • Electronics:
    • Stepper motor driver
    • Stepper motors connections
    • Powering the stepper motors
    • ESP wifi board
  • Programming:
    • Testing (Florent’s) Code on ESP at De Waag
    • Remote testing with Florent
    • Arrange opening ports to enable web-sockets
    • Changing Florents ESP code’s to match local conditions
  • Overview of the project:
    • Drawing of the system design images
  • Creating the grouppage:
    • Resizing and renaming 80 images for the group page

Personal Lessons learned

  • My first Idea was way too big, and I was the only one really did not like to make a ‘simple’ XYZ-drawing machine. This was a mistake. Even this ‘simple machine’ was barely doable in just one week. So ‘think small’ is the advice to myself.
  • We did not succeed in getting a stiff frame from cardboard, Mechanics are really hard
  • We did not make a plan before we started, we where trying to fix problems (mechanics) we could prevent with a plan
  • It was really fun to work together with this group!

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