20. Project development

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Presentation Files

Poster, Video

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Project output

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

In my way of making my final project a realistic dream I passed by all the tasks and completed them to reassure that I’m learning everything I need in this journey . Now i can proudly say that apart from improving my modeling skills i really improved my expertise in the electrical and electronics field specially while designing and milling my own electrical board (2 in MakerSpace and many more )

what has worked? what hasn’t?

Apart from all the tasks, My machine is a 3 in 1 machine ( Laser, cnc and a 3d printer ) so basically the electric board are working in a very good way also the i was able to test the laser , the CNC and the 3d printer are performing very well .

what questions need to be resolved?

Actually the most important question that need to be resolved is can we start a ‘Fablab’ with my MakerSpace ? Does it fulfill the requirements of a fablab or does it needs other modification or machines in addition ? Is MakerSpace the solution of the question “Can Fablab make a Fablab ?”

what will happen when?

Now i need to test the effectiveness of my machine and take the opinion of other Makers , then i will start making workshops helping making MakerSpace and why not start commercializing it , and because of it’s space and budget economization, i believe it’s going to be a success

what have you learned?

In fabacademy i learned many things on several fields and in many occasions . I learned to work in teams making the group assignment . I also learned to rely on myself more in understanding and resolving technical problems . In this program and being a mechanical engineering student i did improved in the electrical field specially in designing electronic bords, and the most importantly i learned time management in general and specially during the lockdown caused by the covid-19 since i was leading the 3D printing networking in tunisia which contained 100 3D printer distributed in Tunisia.