About me

Hi! I am Kais Alila. I am a mechanical engineer student in ENIM Monastir, Tunsia. I have a comprehensive mechanical background, my emphasis is on developing and designing digital manufacturing machines. I built my first 3D printer two years ago, and I am in constantly developing my knowledge in the field of 3D printing and CNC machinery. I’ve also been working in Fablab ENIT for the past couple of years. August 2018, I held a summer internship at Helmut Schmidt Universität - Universität der Bundeswehr, OpenLab Hamburg fablab. While there, we were eight students team from Fablab ENIT building and replicating ‘LaserDUO’, the open source double laser cutter machine, designed by my friend Daniele INGRASSIA.

During the workshop, I helped on developing and designing solution for machine security problems. I also worked on machine documentation to make successfully possible to easy replicate such complex open source projects.

Visit this website to see my work!

My background

I was born in a nice city called Sfax in 1998, Sfax (Arabic: صفاقس‎ ) is a city in Tunisia, located 270 km (170 mi) southeast of Tunis. The city, founded in AD 849 on the ruins of Roman Taparura, is the capital of the Sfax Governorate, and a Mediterranean port. The main economic activities of Sfax are industries (phosphate processing), agriculture (olive and olive oil, nuts), fishing (largest fishing port in Tunisia) and trade (import-export). The city is often described as Tunisia’s “second city”, being the second-most populous city after the capital Tunis.

Previous work

I’m a machine constructer and builder; most of my work and projects are inspired from other projects and I always add updates and modify on existing open source projects.

Project 1: Wall Plotter 2016

Tis was my first project:

Project 2: Axidraw Digital Plotter (Wood Design) 2017

This was an advanced version of the plotter inspired from Axidraw

Project 3: 3D Printer (H-bot system) 2017

This machune was my first 3d printer

Project 4: CNC 2017