Sausage cutting machine

Sausage cutting machine

When grilling sausages you usually want to slice some cuts to the surface. This is especially true if the sausage cooked on a stick as otherwise the sausage might rip open uncontrollably and fall of the stick. The cuts also promote optimal browing and crispiness and are therefore necessary for the enjoyable sausage experience.

However, one might grow tired to slicing the sausages by hand. Especially those who like to have lot of small cuts.
For this we present the solution:

Video: Demonstrating the machine working.

Disclaimer: We wouldn't eat the sausages as the parts are not necessarily food-safe! Therefore, the grilled sausages shown at the end of the video are not made with the machine.

The machine has two stepper motors controlled with Urumbu and one servo controlled with a microcontroller (XIAO RP2040).

All 3D printed and laser cut parts were designed by the team. Other necessary hardware and devices are listed below in the bill-of-materials.

Source files


Item Purpose quantity
Stepper motor NEMA17 Rotate sausage and threaded rod 2
Urumbu boards Control Stepper motors 2
Positional rotation servo Cutting action 1
Threaded rod Raise/lower cutter 1
5 mm metal rod Support cutter 1
M3 bolts Attaching motors 20
Razorblade Cutting tool 1+
4 mm grill stick Hold sausage 1+
3-5 mm plywood Support pieces < 100 cm&sup2
PLA 3D printed parts 60 cm&sup3 / 75 g

Initial sketches

The original vision was basically an egg plotter but longer and pen replaced by knife:

First prototype

We started with a 3D printed base and built on top of that.

Figure: Initial idea for attaching sausage to the cutting machine.


We made some initial testing with the first prototype. It seemed to work to some extent, but more work would still be needed.

Video: Initial tests for operating the cutter and the motor moving the cutter in vertical direction.

For example, the machine needed to be more rigid.

Controlling the motion

We used Mods Community Edition to control the motors that spin the sausage and move the cutter in vertical direction.

Figure: Using Mods Community Edition to control the motors.

We improved the design to make it more robust and lightweight. The latest version is shown here:

Figure: Latest version of the sausage cutter

Second design iteration

For the second iteration, all parts of the design received atleast some changes or were replaced completely.

Problems faced & solved

  1. The blade would not be sharp enough to simply be pressed in the sausage unless the machine was exessively rigid.
    • Solution: Keep the sausage spinning so the blade slides along the surface.
  2. Our lab only had very short or very long M3 bolts.

    • Solution: Improvise, cut bolts to desired lenght.