Electronics design. Group 2 Work.

Group work for week 6

This week we tested a microcontroller power usage with a multimeter. We have previously demonstrated the use of an oscilloscope in week 4.

To measure the current we used a modified USB extension cable. The voltage wire has been cut to allow connecting the multimeter in series. This way we can use any USB power supply. Powermeasurement5

For testing the board, we uploaded Akseli's code written for the Seeed XIAO RP2040 in week 4.

The code has two stages that can be changed using serial communication.

  1. Blinks the on-board NeoPixel with two colors
  2. Blinks the small built-in LED on/off

We changed one color to be full white (255,255,255) to see the maximum power usage. The other color is a medium blue (25,25,180).

So in total four states ranging from both LEDs off to the full white NeoPixel. We measured the current for each of the states.

In the first one, the color of the neopixel led was set as bright white color which drew highest amoung of current. Powermeasurement1

In the second one, the color of the neopixel led was set as blue color which drew significantly less current. Powermeasurement2

In the third one, only the small built-in led is on which is almost the same as the next state. Powermeasurement2

Finally, neither of the LEDs was on, which drew the least current. Powermeasurement3

Measurement Current (mA) Voltage (V) Power (W)
1 38.2 ~5 0.191
2 30.4 ~5 0.152
3 26.8 ~5 0.134
4 26.5 ~5 0.1325