Electronics Production. Group 2 Work.

Group work for week 8

Figure: Cutting the PCB to desired size.
Figure: Cleaning the cut edge.
Figure: Using two-sided tape.
Figure: Cutting heads.

The Roland Milling machine could be controlled with the VPanel for SRM-20 program. There are controls for movin the milling head in x- and y- direcions and in z-directions, setting the origin and starting cutting. The procedure is 1. Attach milling head, 2. Move the milling head to x- and y- origin. 3. Set x and y origin. 4. lower the milling head next to board (so it does not touch the board but is very close). 5. Loosen the milling head with hex key and lower it manually on the board. 6 set z origin. 7. raise the milling head a bit and 8. select cutting program and start cutting.

Figure: The program that was used for controlling the milling machine. A: The controls for moving the mill in x- and y- direction. B: The controls for moving the milling head in z-direction. C: controls for moving the milling head to x and y origin and to z origin. D Controls for setting the x/y origin ond for setting the z origin. E: Control for selecting the cutting program and starting the milling.
Figure: Attaching the cutter head to the milling machine.
Figure: Cutting another part with different settings.
Figure: Two parts milled.