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Dear visitor

Welcome to my new Fab Academy site

I’m Alberto Cohaila and this is my documentation website. I am an electronic engineer and I live in the city of Tacna.

City of Tacna

Tacna is a city in southern Peru, near the border with Chile. The Paseo Cívico de Tacna is in its center and houses the Neo-Renaissance-style Tacna Cathedral. Nearby is the Parabolic Arch monument, dedicated to the soldiers of the Pacific War, and the Regional Historical Museum, with documents from that war. Just outside the city is the Campo de la Alianza complex, with a war memorial, museum, and cemetery. The following image is of the main square “Plaza de Armas” here the procession of the flag takes place every August 27 of each year. (courtesy of Google)

This is a link of the city of Tacna

About my workplace

  • I currently work as a professor at the Francisco de Paula Gonzáles Vigil Institute in the Industrial Electronics degree. I share with you an interior view of the Institute. (courtesy of Google)


Additional photos to my work I will publish them in my shared Drive: