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8. Computer controlled machining


group assignment

individual assignment

  • make (design+mill+assemble) something big (~meter-scale)
  • extra credit: don’t use fasteners or glue
  • extra credit: include curved surfaces

What I week this week

  • Learn how to use machine safely and test runout, alignment, fixturing, speeds, feeds, materials, and toolpaths for your machine → Group Assignment Page
  • Ideate and design something big → in this page
  • Milling by CNC machine → in this page
  • Varnish and assemble → in this page

Ideate and design something big

What I want to make : Just-Fit and Nesting Storage Concept

As Japanese house in Tokyo is generally small, many residents would like to and need to store livingwares orderly making the most of a small space. There are numerous kinds of storage box for storing things orderly in a house. For instance, Muji is famous.


However, in my opinion all of storage boxes have the problem:

  • being bulky when not in use
  • not just-fit to some corners

The making opportunity in this week is excellent timing to make just-fit to my house and nestable when not in use. Specifically, a storage at my kitchen is not fittable to the line so I decided to make just-fit and nestable storage boxes.

Moreover, I would like to challenge to make without using fasteners or glue


Design sketch

take measurement of the space


Design in Fusion 360

finalized model


nesting version


Designing Process

  • sketch the left-side shape


  • extrude top and bottom board


  • extrude side board


  • making inner tabs between top and side board

    4_inner tabs.png

  • making tabs between prop and boxes


  • combine parts and cut off pockets projecting shape of tabs


  • create props


  • fillet the edge of prop to curved surfacing


  • create boards which size is 1820 x 910 to lay out each parts


  • joint to the boards one by one


  • Making dogbones by using add-on of Nifty Dogbone for Autodesk® Fusion 360™


  • Done.

Reference : Fusion 360: Bookshelf Tutorial - Part 1

Move to Hamamatsu city where is 250km away from my lab

As Fablab Kannai I participate in dont have large CNC router, we asked another lab to lend it : Fablab Hamamatsu TAKE-SPACE where is about 250km away from our lab.

About Fablab Hamamatsu

  • is located in Hamamatsu citywhich has some headquaters of global manufacturing company such as YAMAHA, SUZUKI, Roland.
  • the list of facility is here
  • Lab owner Take-san is in Bhutan in order to make something..
  • huge cactus is infront of lab somehow


  • famous words which all makers will empathize with is on the wall

    wall word.jpg

CNC Router and software I used

  • CNC router : ZN1325


  • Tool path maker : Vectric Cut2D Pro

  • G-code sender :Mach3

Prepare for CNC machining : procure materials

  • Choose the material in Cainz which is popular DIY store in Japan


  • There are variety of wooden materials such as OSB, MDF, lumber-core plywood, Pine laminated wood, and so on


  • Structual Larch plywood seems to be adecuate as price is good and it has beautiful wood grain.


  • Material Information

    • material: Structural Larch Plywood
    • size: 1820mm x 910 mm x 2sets
    • thickness : 12mm
    • price : 18 USD per one
  • measure actual thickness : 11.95mm


Milling by CNC machine

Operating process in details refer to Group Assignment page

  • milling one parts for a test. create inside holes first and outside line secondly.


  • after confirming that it was cut with no problem, milling the other parts and vacuuming is performed after cutting completely in accordance with lab policy. (it is x8 speed movie)


  • milling completely


Varnish and assemble

  • filing and polish all parts


  • Assemble test



  • Varnish over the wooden parts



  • dry at my own very tiny private fablab in the balcony


  • Finalize assembing


  • transform to nesting version


  • set up furniture at the place where I planned to be. Just-fit at the corner :)


  • 3d scaned by scaniverse

What I learned in this week

Individual and Group Assignment

  • Making something big may be dangerous so nothing is the more important than safety.
  • Parametric design is very important and useful. Setting parameter beforehand in Fusion360 enable me to make and mill smoothly.
  • I understood how to use CNC machine safely
  • Being able to make my own furniture which is just-fit for my house makes my life quite better.


Mr.Tamiya and Ms.Kamei as supportive instructors in Fablab Kannai

Shopbot tools who made the Youtube tutorial video of Fusion 360: Bookshelf Tutorial

and You!

File I used

fusion cloud


Last update: June 3, 2022