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1. Principles and practices

[1] Summary

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

[2] Weekly Assignment Requirement

Principles and Practices

  • plan and sketch a potential final project

Sketched your final project idea/s ->done

Described briefly what it will do and who will use it ->done

[3] What I did in Week1

  • [a] submit Student Agreement
  • [b] sketch final project

[a] Submit Student Agreement

I signed the student agreement and place here.

[b] Sketch final Project

2nd plan

date: Feb 9th, 2022

“Brain Aware” I was thinking of in Week1 turned out to be difficult to 3D model of my own brain, so I changed the plan and sketched it again. I decided to make Book-type device to monitor the air quality.

1st Plan

date: Feb 1th, 2022

My current plan of the final project is below.

The reason why I want to make it

I want to feel the presence of my brain with my hands

  • brain is one of the most familiar and the most unknown objects in the world
  • all the things we see and feel is created by my brain, but we have never seen and felt the brain except medical students.
  • I want to feel the size, weight, and shape of my brain in my daily life and monitor the quality of the environment in which my brain is.
  • It is said that the performance of the brain seems to be influenced by temperature change / atmospheric pressure change / humidity / CO2 density / exercise frequency and so on.
  • this device is for all those interested in their brain, self-existence and the world.

Last update: February 9, 2022