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Journey to Final Project

This is the journey to final project… I was so wondering what to make as Final Project every week so this is the archive of my wondering process. Bon voyage!

Final plan


3rd Plan

Concept: Smartphone shrine

  • This is a smartphone charger in the shape of a “kamidana” which is a japanese household altar provided to enshrine a shinto

fab P1.png



  • In today’s society, many people are addicted to their smartphones.

  • Despite our best efforts to avoid using our smartphone while at home, we cannot help using our smartphone.

ex. Do not bring smartphones into the bedroom / ex. Track usage time with screen time


  • This shrine is dedicated to smartphones.

  • When we don’t want to use our smartphone, we can place our smartphone on this shrine and focus on something without being interrupted by our smartphone.

  • While we set our smartphones on the altar, we can get magical SUPER POWER. (just charging)

  • A general home shrine is something mystical and extraordinary, and by worshipping smartphones there like god, we can keep our smartphone away in our own time.

  • Using this charging shrine, we can live without using your smartphone more than necessary at our home.





why I want to make

  • I think that the only way to avoid using smartphones is to ask for magical and divine power

  • More and more people are suffering from smartphone addiction. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed, they keep their smartphones in their hands.

  • It is necessary to respect the modern technology of smartphones and to keep an appropriate distance from them



Design the board.

  • ATtiny3216
  • control 2 LEDs as output device
  • control sounds as output device
  • 2 sensor as input device
  • UPDI
  • Serial communication
  • AC


schematic and the board design

ATtiny3216 ATtiny3216.png



Output 1 : Neo Pixel

  • embed the code which I write in group assignment to the board


Input 1 : micro limit switch

  • Attach the cable to the micro limit switch by soldering



Input 2 : Phototransistor


  • complete the board by inserting photo transistor.


  • demo test_final.gif

Networking 1 : OLED parts (optional)

When you put your smartphone down, it appears something on the display. (to be discussed)

0.96 Inch 128x64 White SPI OLED Display Module


Networking 2 : MP3 parts



2nd plan

date: Mar 2th, 2022

What I want to make now :

Book-type device to monitor the air quality


  • LED illumination of the back cover depending on the air quality

When the Air Quality is good (CO2 is low, temperature is comfortable…), the light turns green..

When the Air Quality is bad (CO2 is high, temperature is too hot or cold…), the light turns red..

  • the color of air quality is calcurated by the value of some sensors

  • temperature (whether temperature in the room is moderate or not)

  • atmospheric pressure (Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure can cause mood instability)
  • CO2 density (Concentrations above 1000 ppm will reduce concentration.)
  • humidity
  • and so on

the reason why I want to make it

  • many people all over the world (including I)require to stay at home because of covid-19

  • Staying in the room air quality is so important because human behavior and feeling is influenced by air quality whether one likes it or not

  • Especially, I want to focus on the scene in reading books which is required to focus on.

  • many air quality measuring decives is not cool because it consists of only numbers

  • I want to make the device which can be placed on the bookshelves

design image I made as week3 assignment

Below are plan archives in the past

1st Plan : is here ->Brain Aware

The reason why I want to make it

I want to feel the presence of my brain with my hands

  • brain is one of the most familiar and the most unknown objects in the world
  • all the things we see and feel is created by my brain, but we have never seen and felt the brain except medical students.
  • I want to feel the size, weight, and shape of my brain in my daily life and monitor the quality of the environment in which my brain is.
  • It is said that the performance of the brain seems to be influenced by temperature change / atmospheric pressure change / humidity / CO2 density / exercise frequency and so on.
  • this device is for all those interested in their brain, self-existence and the world.


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Last update: June 29, 2022