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Senior Project: Wireless Charging Bluetooth Clock


This idea was pretty simple, I wanted to make a clock that has wireless charging functionality. Though I looked on the internet and saw too many products that do exactly the same thing. So I decided to add something extra: Bluetooth speakers. For the longest time I’ve been wanting bluetooth speakers so I can listen to music and do my assignments, and I’ve also wanted a clock so that I don’t have to check my phone constantly. With this project, I can check all the boxes while charging my phone wirelessly.


First thing I looked for was how to get the bluetooth speakers working. I was that the speakers I was gifted were rated at 3W and 4Ω. I wasn’t exactly sure what those ratings meant so I did some research to figure that out first.

I came accross the following links and videos

Next I had to figure out the bluetooth connection. This required a little more research. Speakers require an amp that has a similar rating to the speaker. The amp is what actually provides the audio to the speaker. Next I would need a bluetooth audio board to connect my phone to the amp. Their are two possible ways to do this and the video below explained everything.

  1. Get a board that has both bluetooth and amp functionality at the same rating of the speaker
  2. Get two seperate boards one bluetooth and another as the amp. Then use an aux cable to connect the bluetooth board to the amp.

Last update: November 1, 2022