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Dear visitor

I’m Jules, and this is my documentation website !

Here, you will find information about all the assignments and the projects I realised during the Fabacademy program (2021 & 2022).

If you don’t know much about Fabacademy, please consider watching the video below and visit To summarize, it is an amazing way of spending your free time and … night time.

In this program, you will learn how to make (almost anything) by using digital fabrication technology. I other words, you’ll learn how to control machines that brings your ideas to the physical world.

To learn more about me, please check my presentation page and to know more about my final project, you may check out my final project.

Enjoy reading !


Feel free to hack and adapt anything I’ve done !

Continuing from 2021

I began fabacademy in 2021 with the french fablab La Machinerie. I’m now taking the 2022 session as a continuing student at Agrilab

What is fabacademy ?

What is the Fab Academy Program?

The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments.

Fab Academy Distributed Educational Model

It offers a distributed rather than distance educational model, students learn in local workgroups, with peers, mentors, and machines, which are then connected globally by content sharing and video for interactive classes.

Join the Fab Academy Network

Fab Academy runs in more than 70 Fab Labs, for more than 250 students per year in the largest campus of the world. Fab Academy Program is part of the Academany, the Academy of Almost Anything.

Official website

Hot stuff

Here is what I have to do next: Main page :

  • Add link to Agrilab and something about continuing fabacademy

Project management :

  • Explain how I installed and customized Mkdocs
  • Explain how I’m producing screenshot and gif animation
  • Explain how I used Image Magick

CAD Week

  • Add missing Freecad files (CAD week)
  • Clarify What I’ve done using Fusion360 (CAD week)
  • Fix Inkscape docs (CAD week)
  • Test and write about a raster software (CAD week)

2D Cutting

  • Fix Vinyl docs (CAD week)
  • Write about how I use the vinyl cutter (machine - process - parameters - material used)
  • Write about how I use the laser cutter (machine - process - parameters - material used)

Electronic production

  • Characterize the sainsmart Genmistsu
  • Explain how I got the milling parameters
  • Explain how I prepare the file using Mods
  • Explain how I prepare the file using FlatCAM
  • Find a solution to breaking updi connector


  • Write 10. Mechanical design / Machine design
  • Fix 11. Input device
  • Fix 12. Molding & casting
  • Fix 13. Output device
  • Upload 15. Interface and application programming
  • Write 15. Application and implications
  • Update 16. Wildcard week
  • Write 18. Invention, intellectual property and income
  • Write 19. Project development
  • Read all over again a few times


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Last update: July 3, 2022