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Project development

This week we had to :

  • What tasks have been completed, and what remains ?
  • What worked ? What hasn’t ?
  • What questions need to be resolved ?
  • What will happen then ?
  • What have you learned ?

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain ?


  • The design
  • Choice of materials,
  • Assembly.
  • Programming
  • Tests

To Do :

  • Reduce the backlash of the Gearbox
  • Work on the aesthetics
  • Attach the mother board to the NEMA17 somehow

What’s working ? What’s not ?

Working :

  • To electronics work very well !
  • The code is nice, clean and efficient
  • The reducer effectively reduce the speed

To fix :

  • Too much backlash in the gearbox leading to limited torque

What questions need to be resolved ?

  • What is the real max torque of the system
  • Are the electronics components still available on the market ?
  • How can I improve the system

What will happen when ?

I will carry on the project to use it with my students to explain mechatronics and digital fabrication. I will probably create other Sobot (product name) with different Stepper motor size to create a full Robot arm.

What have you learned ?

Many things… Electronics, 3D Scanning, Molding, Networking between microcontroller… So much thing to explore now !

If I can add something to the Fabacademy, I would like to do a bit of optics somehow. I really need this kind of knowledge. But now I got the idea. To learn something new. Go to the fablab and try it ! Work on the documentation at the same time is a great way to understand want you did. Explaining is the best way to understand something.

Thank you Fabacademy !

Last update: July 4, 2022