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Applications and implications

For this week assignment, we had to answer the following question about our final project :

All those questions are answered in the project part of the website. Please click on one of the following links to know more about it.

Please visite the above link to know more more about the project background.

For my final project I decided to create a ServoStepper motor. This project, named SoBot, aim to bring low cost & powerful servomotors to every robotic enthouthiast.

While I was working on this project, the interest in 3D printed actuators raise and became a great challenge for every robotics enthoutiast. What a chance to work with the opensource community !

Please click the link above to know more about state if the art.

For this project I will design a reducer to create a High torque servomotor based on a stepper motor.

I will also design a control board to make the stepper easy to control thanks to the Servo RC control protocol.

Please click the link above to know more about the design process.

The BOM is accessible by clicking the link above.

I’ll use mainly easy t find standard component or component that are easy to recycle.

In short I used :

The component are easy to find online or ca be recycled for most of them.

see the BOM for shopping links.

The whole project cost arround 40€

lease see the BOM for details.

The reducer and the board are custom made. please click the link above to see the detail

The components are mostly 3D printed. But I’m proposing alternative that I tried.

Those machines are needed to make the project :

I need to answer those question :

  • How servomotor works
  • Which kind of material can handle more torque
  • What kind of reducer is the easiest to mak

  • How will it be evaluated?

The project will be a success if I can :

  • Control the stepper using RC Servo protocole Controle the Stepper motor using the Arduino servo library

  • Attach an arm or any part to the outpu of the reducer

  • have more torque than the Stepper alone

My project should incorporate :

  • 2D and 3D design
  • additive and subtractive fabrication processes
  • electronics design and production
  • microcontroller interfacing and programming,
  • system integration and packaging

Last update: July 4, 2022