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For this week assigmnement we had to :

  • Made a website and described how you did it
  • Introduce ourself
  • Documents steps for uploading files to archive
  • Pushed to the class archive
  • Signed and uploaded Student agreement

Creating a personal website

There is different ways to create a website, but thank’s to the mentors of fabacademy we start with a project template. This template contain a markdown based site generator. Basically, a piece of code is translating markdown language to html. In other word it translate readable text into a beautiful webpage, which is great !

To make this website editable and working locally, we need to install different piece of software… I’ll explain how to install the whole documentation toolchain on Windows but also how to setup a linux environment into windows.

Choosing the prefered methods is up to you. Personnaly I used the graphical toolchain for a while and switched to linux (WSL) along the course.

Both are functionnal but using linux WSL speed up the documentation process. Please consider using a real linux environement. A raspberry pi may be sufficient for that purpose.

Take the blue pill (Windows) Take the red pill (Ubuntu WSL)

On both pages you can see how I installed all the package to make Mkdocs working and how I secure my connection between the distant Gitlab repository and local machine.

Last update: March 6, 2022